data-driven ventures and investments.

Hi, my name is Christian Gilcher.
I am passionate about value, especially when delivered through data-driven projects that build and connect the Digital Valuechain.

  • My projects all follow an underlying pattern.
    Too much time, energy and money is wasted through the ineffective utilisation of existing resources.
    How can Technology be used in an intelligent way to improve this, and assemble a 'Digital Value Chain'? This is a typical "DNA pattern" of my projects:

  • CRS AG has crafted the eXceed platform, which is a very powerful universal and adaptive data platform that includes various services that make it support different business models.

      Xeraphic -- Integrated Business Planning
    • IT Service Cost Management
    • IT Service Demand Management
    • IT Service Portfolio Management
    • IT Service Lifecycle Management
    • IT Provider Integration and Management -- intelligent ITOM performance mining
    • ITSM Configuration Drift Management
    • CMDB Data Quality Management
    • Business-Service centric ITSM Process Performance Evaluation
    • Persona-based ITOM Performance Dashboards
    • Real-time ITSM / ITOM Analytics
    Find out more about CRS AG here.
  • Xeraphic is a modern solution suite that looks at improving the commercial utilisation of Technology in organisations. It provides a set of modules including Service Cost Management, Service Demand Management, and Service Portfolio Management.

    Typical customers range from mid cap companies up to large Multinationals. Visit to explore the project.

  • is a modern analytical platform that has been designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of modern IT Operations Management tool and process landscapes. Typical Use Cases include IT Service Management Data and Process Quality improvements. serves customers of all sizes, with the main focus being on the IT department. Visit to explore the project.

  • Exploring new Business Models and Investment Opportunities. No Webpresence available, just talk to me if you're interested :)

what to do from here

Visit my Blog where I am regularly writing about the data-driven economy, and it's implications on the digital and non-digital ecosystem, including but not limited to some visions about how to actively shape the future of data-driven business. I'd be very happy to start a conversation!

We believe in the power of the network. So let's get in touch to start a conversation about what's driving you, and how we tailor an exchange to the mutual benefit. If you're a Business Angel investor, I am providing guidance and advise on potential investment opportunities.